„Clavarioid Fungi in Italy”

„Dear friends and colleagues,
after many years of study and work, our monograph on “Clavarioid Fungi in Italy” is finally being published by the A.M.B.
The Monograph deals with 199 taxa of clavarioid fungi. Each species is fully described, the description including plenty of macro- and micromorphological details, and is lavishly illustrated with beautiful colour photographs of basidiomes in habitat and of their microanatomical features. Each description concludes with useful taxonomic and nomenclatural notes and with suggestions on how to separate the species described from their closest allies. In addition to morphological data, many description sheets also provide the results derived from the study of DNA sequence data.
We have made all efforts to offer an „easy” work for mushroom enthusiasts, but at the same time of high scientific content; therefore, it is suitable for both the general public and those who look for an in-depth study on the subject in order to keep abreast of the latest developments in the field.
We hope this may arouse your interest and spur you to pre-order a copy of the monograph or, in any case, to publicize the work among your friends and acquaintances.
The pre-ordering period expires on June 30, 2021.
Thank you very much for your cooperation.
Best wishes
Paolo Franchi and Mauro Marchetti
P.S. We enclose the illustrative poster of the work.
For pre-orders, please, get in touch with the AMB Trento office (e-mail: amb@ambbresadola.it)”

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