Biodiversity Genomics Conference 2022

It’s time for the Biodiversity Genomics Conference 2022! We have a final program with almost 150 talks and several round tables in three days.
Join us virtually and travel across the globe learning about the Biodiversity Genomics initiatives in different regions and the latest advances of Genome data applied to Biodiversity research.
We’d like to warmly invite you to join the Biodiversity Genomics Conference (BG22)! The Conference is free of charge and has an exciting new format:
1) Two 14-hour days (Tuesday and Thursday) changing the focus across different regions of the world throughout the day.
2) One day (Tuesday) about actions aiming to increase the use of Genomics in Biodiversity and that promote justice, equity, diversity and inclusion.
3) One day (Thursday) about the scientific advancements and breakthroughs in Genome methods and applications in Biodiversity.
4) A last day (Friday) dedicated to the latest highlights and next challenges faced by Genome Projects across the globe & summary round tables.
5) Most talks are pre-recorded and will be made available before the live sessions so that anyone anywhere can leave questions to the speakers. 
Please use this link to register:
BG22 Committee.

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