European Mycological Association – Request: Assistance in obtaining Boletus edulis as reference samples

The German National Reference Center for Authentic Food (NRZ-Authent), which is being established at the Max Rubner-Institute, develops analytical detection methods for the food control authorities of the German Federal States to combat food adulteration and food fraud. One area of work is, for example, stable isotope analysis to determine the origin of food or to detect the production method (e.g. organic vs conventional food).

In a pilot study, in cooperation with the University of Hamburg, a method for the geographical determination of the origin of porcini mushrooms (Boletus edulis) is to be developed. These mushrooms are protected in Germany and are only allowed to be collected for personal use and not sold commercially. For this reason, most commercially sold porcini mushrooms in the German retail trade originate from Romania, Poland, South Africa, Italy or the Czech Republic. The aim of the method is to distinguish German from non-German porcini mushrooms. Besides consumer protection, the determination of origin is interesting for species conservation.

For the development of the method we depend on authentic reference material, therefore Boletus edulis mushrooms from different regions are needed to capture the natural inhomogeneities.

Would it be possible to send a request to the EMA members if they could assist us in obtaining reference material from different European countries (especially Romania, Poland, Italy and Czech Republic)? The cost of shipping can be covered by the NRZ-Authent.

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