Rise of the Fungi – Westerdijk Institute Spring Symposium 21-22 April 2022

Changing climate patterns have severe impact on quality of life. Global change also affects fungal ecology and pathology, with new diseases emerging of plants, humans and animals. To highlight the importance of human, animal and plant health in a global perspective, a special symposium with leading scientists is planned to address how global and climate change impact on fungi, specifically those involved with plant and human diseases, as well as food and forest security. Special sessions address plant health and climate change, food security, human health, fungal applications in industry, fungal ecology and genomics. This meeting also addresses new developments on fungal taxonomy, such as the inclusion of Digital Sequence Information (DSI) under the Nagoya Protocol, and the naming of environmental sequences (dark taxa).

Thursday 21 April 2022
Session 1: Plant Health: fungi and climate change
Session 2: Human health: fungi on the move
Session 3: Fungi and food security: a rising global issue
Session 4: Naming Fungal Taxa: From Linnaeus to Genomes

Friday, 22 April 2022
Session 5: Fungal applications: secondary metabolites
Session 6: Fungal evolution and ecology
Session 7: Fungal genomes and taxonomy
Session 8: Nagoya and DSI

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